Obtain every signature of every faithful pro life Nebraskan, at every church, every town, every county, in the entire state.

PRAY unceasingly

“How can I help?”

Unite with others in your county, church, neighborhood, community to get every signature, invite all to join you circulating and distributing petitions.


-Will you Sign the New Petition to End Abortion in Nebraska? Invite signers to join your team and circulate. 

-Faithful to child, church, savior

-To comply with amendment, rare “life of the mother” situations must save them both when ever possible and avoid elective abortion. 

-Use talking points on circulator sheet but avoid lengthy debates, seek an open heart. 

-Evangelize the faithful reasoning of no exceptions on the website with love as we are commanded

-Praise God at all times, highs and lows. It is His message!


“Sign and Circulate”

  1. Will you sign the New Petition to end abortion in Nebraska?
  2. Will you circulate your own petition and invite others to help?
  3. Offer circulators instruction sheet with every petition
  4. Build/Work with a team. With five or ten you can do five or ten times as much
  5. Get every signature at your church, in your community, in your town, in your county

Unite with other individuals in your county to establish contacts/teams at every church, ministry, organization, pregnancy help organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, etc


-Ask/inform everyone you know, build/join a team of friends and strategize to get every signature in the county; everyone invited to sign/circulate to end abortion.

-Build/join a team at your Church to obtain signatures and circulators from everyone, hopefully with pastor support, pulpit announcements/signing table before/after services. If pastor refuses to support, find other ways to obtain signatures; church directory, public sidewalk in front of church, phone calls, emails, social media, etc. Ask again, God can touch their hearts and bring them along with time. Remember Charity; the Love of Christ in you will draw them to the Truth. 

-Connect/build/join county team. Circulate in family, friends, neighborhoods, community events, local businesses with individual hosts, market place, assembled crowds, post office on Sat, library, park

-Publicize in media, radio call in, letters to editor, church/pulpit announcements, bulletins

-Active on social media, invite the youth! Like, share, post, repost, comment, invite, evangelize, publicize

-Use the talking points on the circulator instructions sheet.  

Announcements for pulpit, media, public service, postings;

Unite with the Coalition of churches, organizations, businesses, political leaders, individuals.

and thousands of individuals across the state are circulating a New Petition to End abortion in Nebraska. This is the only one that is faithful to Child, Church, and Savior, the only one that ends abortion and protects every life, so make sure you have signed the right one. If you signed another you can still sign this one. Please visit for more information. ”


Publicize, distribute, inform your base.

Unite with other like organizations; local, county, and state wide.

Be in contact with the state leadership team.


To get LIFE on the ballot in November, we need sufficient signatures delivered to our team in Lincoln on or before July 1st.  The minimum for our ballot initiative is to have signatures from 10% of the registered voters in Nebraska, and at least 38 counties where 5% of the voters in that county signed our petition. Each signature will be checked against active voter registrations. Usually during this process a number of signatures get thrown out because the signer did not register to vote, or else the address was not readable and the state could not verify it. A past petition had up to 30% of the signatures thrown out. To avoid disqualification, we need to:

  • Ask petition signers to register to vote or update their registration if needed
  • Ensure the addresses are written legibly
  • Gather more than just the minimum so that we have enough extra to cover for any signatures that are disqualified.